Month: January 2020

Comparison Between Physiotherapy And Physiology

Published / by Eustacio Navarro

There are about more than eight billion people living in this world. Each of which have different ambitions and according to those ambitions they try to choose their profession. We can see various types of professions in this world varying from the profession of artistry to the profession of engineering. One such profession is the profession of medicine. Basically, the field of medicine runs by the help of many people which includes doctors, surgeons, specialists, physiotherapists, nurses, staff members and many more. One of the most appreciated and highly respected fields is considered to be the field of medicine. We are going to talk about two of the branches of this field which are physiotherapy and physiology.


Physiotherapy Mawson Lakes is the branch of science which deals with the treatment of human body parts, muscles and joints in such a way that no drugs or medication is used. It is that branch of medicine in which methods like heat treatment and massaging techniques are used to cure the external body pains. The person who is qualified to relieve the external body pains is known as a physiotherapist. If you are feeling pain in your joints or you are unable to move your leg then you are definitely in need of a physiotherapy session. In addition to that, if you are an athlete and you are feeling certain stoutness in your muscles then the answer for your muscle pains is a physiotherapy session.


On the other hand physiology is the branch of science which deals with the organ systems and their functions. However, we are more concerned with the branch of physiology known as exercise physiology. In this branch of physiology, physiologists deal with the fitness of human body system by helping them to do such exercise which enables them to move properly.

Comparison between physiotherapy and physiology:

Even though both; physiotherapy and physiology are the branches of medicine but there lays some difference between them. Physiotherapy is more concerned with the treatment of external body parts like body muscles and joints. On the other hand, physiology deals with functioning of internal organs of human body system. When a person takes the session of physiotherapy and exercise physiology then his stout muscles, inflamed joints and firm body parts get to relax up to some extent. These physio sessions help in enabling the person to walk properly or to move his body parts which are firm.


A person often comes across such times when he is unable to walk properly due to inflamed joints, firm muscles or any other such cause, these conditions can be treated by the continuous physiotherapy and physiology sessions. Physiotherapy sessions are those session in which massages and heat treatments are provided to restore movement of a person. On the other hand exercise physiology sessions are those sessions in which fitness related exercises are performed. “Tick fitness” offers the best services of physiotherapy sessions and exercise physiology sessions.