Getting Rid Of Post Pregnancy Weight

We all dream of a healthy pregnancy and baby. However, after delivery of our baby when we walk out of the hospital, one thing will definitely change, and that is increase of their overall body weight and mass.

Even though men would look more or less the same after their child is born, women will notice a post pregnancy belly. You cannot help it because the role of the mother is far much more than the father, when it comes to the overall reproduction process.

When you monitor a woman’s body, post pregnancy, you would notice that her post pregnancy exercise is definitely not the same as she was before her baby was born. The placenta itself weight approximately 2kgs. The breasts too will grow and weight a few kgs more. It is obvious that a woman’s weight will increase since the baby itself weights about 3-4 kgs if not more. The total weight gain would be around 8 to 10 kgs.

How can you get over the post pregnancy eight?

If you were unaware of this, breastfeeding does help a lot. When mild is to be produced, it takes a lot for your system to burn a lot of calories, in this process. You need to take care of this, hence eat healthy and do regular exercises, even if it means allotting half an hour daily. You will notice visible results soon. But make sure that your diet is full of vitamins and healthy food, minerals and carbohydrates. This way you would be able to have a healthy weight loss process.

What kind of exercises should mothers do after child birth?

Every mother at first could start with simple coordinated breathing exercises. This means pure pilates would turn out being quite handy. If possible hire a professional and notice healthy and quick weight loss taking place sooner than expected.

You could follow the below mentioned instruction. Make sure to perform them slowly and cautiously. You have to stay highly attentive.

• Stay in a relaxed position. Lay on your side with your knees bent upwards and keep a pillow below your head to rest

• Focus on your breathing pattern

• Breathe in and then breathe out slowly

• As you start blowing out, draw the stomach in below your belly button. You require pulling your belly button towards your spine

• Slowly let it out as you’re breathing in

• Stay cautious of the opposite pattern

• You need to continue practice while co-coordinating with your breathing out and gradually draw your tummy inside

• As you get better with this, you will be able to understand the tightening effect, and hold in for some minutes

• You need to continue breathing in and maintain tummy tightness